Most people recognize the need for therapy when going through a crisis or major life transition; divorce, loss of a loved one, infidelity. Less obvious is how therapy can help when everyday challenges become overwhelming. Our struggles can become enmeshed with deeper issues: anxiety, depression, substance abuse, or other maladaptive behaviors. Many clients begin therapy later in life, only to discover how much easier life could’ve been had they started earlier.

A therapist is your partner on the path to change.

My therapeutic approach is based on two principles: 1.) We are born to be biologically, emotionally, and spiritually “connected” to others. 2.) Faulty interpersonal interactions, past and present, cause the majority of emotional problems. Thus, the reparative relationship between the client and therapist is the key ingredient of the change process. Each of us has inner resources we may not have yet learned to access. I aim to support you in discovering your innate strengths and resilience.

I was required to have therapy as part of my Psychoanalytic training, to better understand what it’s like from the client’s perspective. This process has been invaluable, as a therapist, as a mom, and simply as a person.

We can begin therapy at any stage of the life cycle.

A client may use therapy to improve their relationships with significant others. They want to explore how to communicate in a deeper, more authentic way with their partners, learn how to resolve conflict, or parent their child or adolescent during a difficult developmental stage. Young adults may want to overcome obstacles in becoming “launched” into the adult world. It’s also common to call a therapist for insight oriented therapy, with the goal of becoming more self aware. They want to understand how their past history affects the present, or simply find more meaning and joy in their life.

Therapy provides long-lasting benefits and support, giving you the tools you need to re-direct damaging patterns, avoid triggers, and overcome whatever challenges you face. As the therapeutic relationship develops, clients are able to grow in ways they never thought possible. They learn to correct false beliefs about themselves, forgive where possible, and reach deep levels of acceptance. When we embark on a therapeutic process we are making our emotional health and well being a priority. Therapy can be transformative and greatly improve our quality of life.

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